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Yoga & YogaKids

Stretch and Strength


Combining breath and movement, yoga is beneficial for stretching and strengthening muscles as well as enhancing your mind body connection.


Yoga supports the flow of energy through your body decreasing stagnation and increasing fluidity.

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Private Instruction


60 min $55
6 pack $300 ($50/session)
12 pack $540 ($45/session)

Group Classes


Your-site group class available $125/hour for up to 12 clients

$10 per additional client

Travel time may be charged depending on location.



YogaKids introduces children to the movement of yoga in a playful and educational way.

Engaging kids in yoga and introducing them to breath work has many benefits including:

  • improved physical fitness

  • a connected relationship with their bodies

  • the ability to calm themselves with their breath thus enabling them to handle their emotions in a proactive way

  • improved focus and concentration in school

YogaKids Classes


Available at your-site for private groups, Girl Scout/Boy Scout troops and Birthday Parties too.

$125/hour for up to 12 kids

$10 per additional child

Travel time may be charged depending on location.

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